Here are some covers I've done

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The Worst (Cover)

Playing as much music as I can while under quarantine. It's been a while since I've been able to sit down and do something like this. I'm not letting this time go wasted. Here is a cover of "The Worst" by Mat Kerekes.

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Calling Quits (Cover)

Newest cover. Calling Quits by Mat Kerekes. Old song. Original is  just acoustic, but I decided to throw my own flavor to it. Still probably doesn't give the original any justice though. Acoustic version:

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Home (Cover)

Mat Kerekes Cover

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Heavy Dungeon Echo (Cover)

New year, new challenges. I've been taking a stab at a few things in the last few months and stuff like this is one of them. I was bored this last weekend and knew I had the ability to do something of this sort so I tried it.